Published March, 2024
2nd ed. Global Warming Book

The Global Climate Crisis, The Book

What It Takes To Solve The Global Climate Crisis

By William D. Fletcher & Craig B. Smith

“Finally, this is just the book I’ve been looking for.” Or “If I had to choose only one book to read on global warming, this would be my choice.” These comments typify what authors Craig Smith and William Fletcher are hearing from early reviewers of the 2nd edition of their book on global warming. The Global Climate Crisis: what to do about it. The 2ndedition describes the latest scientific findings since the 1st edition, Reaching Net Zero: What it takes to solve the global climate crisis, was published in 2020. Notable are the many new “records” that have been set since the 1st edition, greater greenhouse gas emissions, higher global temperatures, more weather disasters, but, unfortunately, not greater efforts to reduce global emissions.

Both authors are retired engineers, and fortunately for general audiences, they have fused their experience and expertise on the climate controversy to present a clear understanding of global warming and climate change science. Add to this they describe what governments, industries and citizens must do to avoid a global climate crisis that poses serious risks for our planet. Most important, this is done in plain language, not just written for scientists and engineers.

Details: 16 chapters and appendices, 6 special studies, case studies, 335 pages, 50 illustrations, 16 tables, 17 photographs, detailed index